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Great customer service!

This place offers great service and also has an awesome deal on laundry pick up washing and folding and they charge a reasonable cost per pound. If you can, give their business a try. They are very professional and I don't see any other laundry shops offering their laundry by the pound deal.

SO thankful they have office pick up and delivery! Quick turn around and reasonable prices!"

It is very convenient and the prices are fair and very competitive. I know I will be using it again and again.

I experienced responsive and timely service, and my items were returned just as I expected them!

We've been using Charlottesville Laundry for about 8 months now, to clean linens at The Fralin Museum of Art, and have been extremely pleased. They do an excellent job, have great communication and their pick-up/delivery service is reliable and convenient. Highly recommend!